The Prayer Of Examen

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Written Prayer of Examen

1.  Begin with a Trinitarian focus on breaths - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Take deep breaths and exhale.

Ask God for insight and light to perceive life from His perspective. Reflect on the previous day's events with His guidance.

2. Start with thanksgiving, acknowledging blessings regardless of their size or repetition. Sit in gratitude for a few moments.


3. Visualize the previous day like a movie, noting emotions and moments—both consolations and desolations.


4. Acknowledge moments when you felt close to or far from God without judgment.


5. Respond by facing your shortcomings. Discuss with God what stood out from the previous day. Ask for forgiveness

for any shortcomings and express gratitude for blessings.

6. Look to tomorrow. Consider the upcoming day—anticipate excitement and apprehension. Visualize God walking with you through the day and seek wisdom through imagination.


7. Spend a few moments sitting in the presence of God, listening to His voice, finding peace within it.

Recite the Lord's Prayer as a concluding prayer.


8. Acknowledge ongoing struggles and a desire to let them go, seeking God's infinite mercy and help in sincere repentance.

Read from
Matthew 5,6,7