This is the information page to join the care portal response team for Christ Community Church.

Why we give $5 to CarePortal every time a new visitor fills out the Contact Card

If you have been to a church service at CCC, or even watched online, you may have noticed that when someone fills out the Contact card for the first time, we donate $5 to help meet a need through the CarePortal. 

We are radically committed to relationships. What better way to "find our people" than to begin our relationship you by forming a partnership to bless someone else? 

If you are new and have not filled out the contact card yet, please take a moment to fill out the digital contact card. Thank you for partnering with us to bless others. 

What is the care Portal? 

In short, CarePortal is a database of vetted needs of Foster Families that individuals can meet. Beyond meeting needs of families, we are encouraging responders to offer care and relational connection.

Where do requests come from?

How will I be involved?  

Currently, we want everyone on our team to be a responder. You will receive requests directly via email, the app, or even text. You can choose how much you get involved when you see the requests. You do not have to respond to every request you get.  We encourage you to respond to the ones that you would like to.  When you respond, you will receive the Social Worker's contact information, who will get you in touch with the family. If you sign up for the meeting, you are not under obligation to become a responder.

Contact Jason Bradley or David Delgado at the church for more information abou the care portal team. 


Current Open Requests